Die Wortmanufaktur

This rather old German word ‘Manufaktur‘ stood for a guild combining several crafts to become more efficient. But why use it as our company name?

Looked at historically, a manufacturing enterprise is either an amalgamation of several crafts into one single enterprise in order to concentrate the abilities and competences of the individual crafts and thus achieve a more efficient way of working as well as increase the quality of the products. Or, on the other hand to divide one craft into individual working steps, which also increases the quality. By bringing individual skills together and specialising in certain sections, a manufacturing enterprise is able to turn out exclusive, high quality products for their customers.

It is for that reason that manufacturing enterprises are specialist enterprises that distinguish themselves by bringing together and promoting individual abilities.

This definition describes us - Die Wortmanufaktur –  correctly.

We are exactly such a specialist enterprise, having specialised in translations from languages such as English, Dutch and Flemish (Belgian-Dutch) as well as preparing German texts.
The activity of the Wortmanufaktur is based on altogether three core competenices. To this end, the ability, to be able to speak the languages offered by us as well as to transport these languages into the relevant specific German style, is the solid base of our translation activity. The art to be able to set up plausible and appealing German texts is the basis on which we - as authors - work. The ability to apply the German grammar correctly as editors is one of our basic skills and thus rounds off the concentration of competencies in our Wortmanufaktur.
Where are the advantages for you in all this?

You receive the service required for your project from one source only. There are no further charges for you, such as e.g. commissioning an agency or an editorial office; as these are exactly the services that we, as a personal union, provide without any additional costs. Why not try us and convince yourself of our potential. We are looking forward to you contacting us.

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