Who won?

On the whole translating is not really difficult. You take a word change it into the desired language – finished.  
That was my opinion anyway, then, in form 5 at the grammar school, Latin. I hated it. There were much more interesting things to do at that age. The opposite sex, hobbies, etc.  
Latin test, the Gallic Wars. Up and down. When you had finished, you handed your test in and were allowed to go outside into the corridor.
We used to discuss the subject heatedly, how the third sentence in the first paragraph was translated correctly.
When a co-pupil left the classroom and joined the gang, his first question was:
„Who won???“
And although he really tried very hard, with him always the wrong side gained the victory. According to his translations, the whole of the Greek mythology would have to have been re-written.
This is possibly why two tests were always read aloud upon being handed back after correction:
The best one – and his! Whereby his work definitely scored higher regarding the entertainment factor; I would like to make this point quite clear.
These days people have not changed much. You need to have something translated, chase various words through the translation programmes and somehow interpret them to make sense of it all.
But this does not decide a war or perhaps it does and perhaps even much worse?
With us those are always winning, who also win in the original text. Because we maintain an overview of things. Try us.

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